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The industry event for financial advisors who specialize in employer-based retirement plans. Wealth@wor(k) is for financial advisors who help employees achieve financial freedom through holistic wellness in the workplace.

The industry event for financial advisors who work with individuals and families. SHIFT is for financial advisors who recognize the future of financial guidance is human-first.


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What do most successful 401(k) advisors have in common? They impact employees by going beyond the 401(k). Join Ross as he interviews successful advisors and industry experts who offer 401(k) plans and financial wellness services. Learn what they're doing now and where they see the industry heading.

Can you feel it? The foundation of financial advice is shifting. Join Ross as he interviews the "Shifters" who lead the transformation towards human-first financial guidance. Guests include forward-looking advisors, industry experts, and academics doing cutting-edge research. The Shift is on!


Ross Marino, CFP®, Founder and CEO of Advisor2X, started his 30+ year career as a financial advisor for individuals and families. Like many advisors, Ross later added 401(k) consulting to his practice.

Today's 401(k) specialist advisors (who have traditionally focused on plan design and technical expertise) have expanded their practices to include financial wellness programs and wealth management services.

A shift toward a more holistic approach is evident in both financial planning and 401(k) consulting. Human-first Financial Guidance™ is replacing traditional goals-based financial advice.

A2X delivers online shows and live events designed to help advisors grow their practices. For personal financial planning, join us at SHIFT to explore Human-first Financial Guidance™ and subscribe to the SHIFT Show on your favorite channel. To learn how 401(k) specialists impact the lives of participants and their families, attend Wealth@wor(k) and subscribe to the Wealth@wor(k) Show on your favorite channel.


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